Come join our team of experienced, smart, and nice people building the future of B2B software!

We have a big vision, work with some of the largest companies on the planet, and are supported by Mosaic and BlueYard, two of the best VCs in Europe and the space. Our team is based in the heart of Berlin.

  • We offer competitive compensation based on your skills, not your gender or background
  • Full-time commitment - we need a focused team
  • Flexible work hours

Current Openings

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We believe in

No boundaries

We want to build a culture of deep curiosity- one that nurtures intellectual exploration above all. We want to give space for ideas to flourish, explore tangents and for releasing ourselves from rigid thought patterns.

Autonomy and Accountability

We nurture a high sense of responsibility to ourselves, to our team members and the mission carried out. We work on our own terms, but keep our eye on the collective goal.

Knowledge Sharing

We believe that a collective brain is more valuable than individual ones, so we foster a culture of sharing and transparency. From weekly all-hands, monthly book clubs and quarterly personal feedback to cooking up big group lunches, encouraging transparency and knowledge sharing is crucial at Centrifuge.


We want people to be excited to work for Centrifuge and respect that people get out of bed for different reasons. We are flexible with schedules and allow our employees to climb, dance or do yoga when it suits them. We aim to build an inclusive company- hiring people from different backgrounds with a passion for something outside themselves, whether for alternative governance or techno, community activism or decentralization.