The Operating System for the Financial Supply Chain

Centrifuge is an open, decentralized platform to connect the global financial supply chain. It allows any business to transact while maintaining ownership of their data, including their validated company details, their reputation, business relationships, and subsequent transactions.


The Financial Supply Chain, the flow of financial information and money, is opaque and disconnected. Data silos and fragmentation create major challenges for collaboration and transparency.


The vision of Centrifuge is to bring the counterparties of the Financial Supply Chain both closer together and into the open by creating a worldwide network of buyer-supplier relationships: a Global Business Graph. By joining Centrifuge, participants can access a new generation of applications and services for the financial supply chain.


The Centrifuge Operating System is a decentralized platform to support a new generation of applications for the financial supply chain. It enables businesses to exchange financial documents such as invoices, purchase orders and company data while providing an immutable single source of truth for all parties involved.

Centrifuge uses cutting-edge peer-to-peer and blockchain technology to build the protocol. We have chosen Ethereum as the trusted public blockchain for Centrifuge OS.


We believe that the time of incremental optimization of archaic processes has to come to an end. Only by collectively shaping an entirely new system for the global financial supply chain, can we foster widespread economic opportunity. This new system can only be established by dismantling the existing infrastructure, stripping it down to its essential components, and reassembling it for the 21st century. That’s why we’re called Centrifuge.