Centrifuge is unlocking
economic opportunity for all
by connecting people to borrow and lend money transparently and cost-effectively;
free of rent-seeking intermediaries and the inefficiencies of traditional finance.
Who is building Centrifuge?
Building DeFi products together with the best team
Alina Sinelnikova
Creating pathways and educating
Anna Mehrländer
All things visuals
Araya Wongwan
Creating tools that allow people to have open access to the world’s financial system
Cassidy Daly
Designing a platform for scale
Colin Cunning
Decentralizing financial products
Dennis Wellmann
Accounts and Beyond
Devin Black
Communicating Centrifuge inside and out
Dylan Dedi
Building infrastructure for DeFi
Frederik Schulz
Communicating to the outside world
Helena Flack
Building accessible and intuitive user interfaces in the DeFi space
JP Angelle
Building a great product for our users
Jeroen Offerijns
Ecosystem strategizing and community weaving
Kate Beecroft
DeFi-Centrifuge match making
Lea Schmitt
Ensuring a pleasant working environment and an appreciative workplace for the team
Lisa Plesiutschnig
Develop & communicate the vision for Centrifuge
Lucas Vogelsang
Bringing Centrifuge to the moon (why not Mars)
Marc A. Brown
Figure out how to replace CeFi with DeFi products
Martin Quensel
Scaling assets on Centrifuge
Michael Serunian
Building infrastructures that enable the creation of decentralized products
Miguel Hervas
Bringing assets and investors to Centrifuge
Mike Ruzic
Design for accessible, useful and useable decentralized finance
Nico Dreher
Making shapes appear on screens
Onno Visser
Collaborate on building Centrifuge together
Vedhavyas Singareddi
work with us