Centrifuge is on a mission to foster economic opportunity everywhere

Our team has built multiple companies over the last 20 years and we still enjoy working together. In the past, we created software that transacts billions of dollars each day and is used by 97 out of the Fortune 100. With the help of our world-class investors, advisors, partners, and team we started Centrifuge to continue building real software, solving real business problems.

Mission and Vision

Financial systems rarely connect to one another directly across company boundaries. Business networks are in competition for market share and thus, do not have incentives to share user profiles, build a robust and shareable reputation system within a network, or open their data silos to others. We believe that the time of incremental optimization of archaic processes has to come to an end. Only by collectively shaping an entirely new system for the global financial supply chain can we foster widespread economic opportunity. This new system can only be established by dismantling the existing financial supply chain infrastructure, stripping it down to its essential components, and reassembling it for the 21st century. That’s why we’re called Centrifuge.

Our vision is that some day, every business uses Centrifuge OS to participate in the decentralized economy.

Our mission, day in, day out, is to change the rules of global trade to foster economic opportunity everywhere.

Come join our team of experienced, smart, and nice people building the future of B2B software!