Real Yields, Real DeFi

Finally, you can quickly and easily onboard and scale a portfolio of real-world assets with Centrifuge Prime. The technology and services you need, all made available in a single place, through Centrifuge.

Built from years of experience bringing RWAs to DeFi

  • The Credit Group
  • Steakhouse Financial
  • rwa.xyz
  • Aave
  • Blocktower
  • Maker
  • Circle

Unlock real yields in real-world assets

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Centrifuge Prime was built to meet the needs of large decentralized organizations and protocols. Through Centrifuge Prime, DeFi native organizations can integrate with the largest financial markets in the world and take advantage of real yields from real economic activity - all onchain. Assets tailored to your needs, processes adapted to your governance, and all through decentralized rails.

  • Generate Yields

    Strengthen portfolio with allocations to better revenue streams, and higher risk-adjusted returns

  • Diversify Investments

    RWAs offer a broad spectrum of asset classes, such as treasuries, real estate, and private credit

  • Gain Advantage

    Provide users with differentiated and unique lending opportunities uncorrelated to crypto volatility

Create a diversified RWA portfolio

Customize your portfolio based on preferences, from US treasuries and investment grade credit, to asset backed securities or real-estate financing. Get the right returns with the right amount of risk.

How it works

Centrifuge Prime allows a dedicated infrastructure to be built for DAOs and protocols that provides the necessary resources and functions to allocate, manage, and tokenize a robust and diversified portfolio of real world assets, at scale.

  • Resilient and compliant legal infrastructure
  • Robust and capable tokenization platform
  • Ecosystem of credit and finance experts
  • Institutional-grade assets and managers

The home for all things real-world assets

Centrifuge Prime combines the infrastructure for the tokenization and management of real-world assets, with an ecosystem of critical partners and services, to provide the assets and opportunities that DAOs and DeFi protocols want to see.

  • Infrastructure

    RWA tokenization, securitization, and a compliant out of the box legal framework

  • Ecosystem

    Decentralized and objective credit risk reporting and analysis functions for assets and portfolio

  • Assets

    Diversified asset classes including US Treasury Bills, Asset Backed Securities, Real Estate, and more

Ready to put your treasury to work?

  • Optimizing treasury performance with RWAs can extend runway and create new revenue streams, making a critical difference in a project’s success.

  • Get started with Centrifuge Prime to access a diversified set of assets and improve your portfolio’s performance under all conditions.