Asset Management, Onchain

Centrifuge's fund management platform brings the full power of onchain finance to asset managers and investment funds. Capture your entire fund's onchain and offchain portfolio positions, transactions, and operations data in a secure, immutable, and reportable manner.

Your new central control panel

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Tokenize your funds and streamline access to all necessary service providers and investors, saving operational overhead and increasing liquidity. Key benefits of Centrifuge's Onchain Fund Management Platform include:

  • Reporting & Transparency

    All portfolio positions, transactions, fees, and operational data – from offchain and onchain sources – are captured and reported for trustless verification.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Fund operations are automated to improve reporting cadence and more easily integrate with third-party services to reduce operational overhead and cost.

  • Securitization

    Enables pooling of tokenized assets into tradable instruments with tranching, waterfall distributions, loan tape management and investor management for enhanced liquidity and risk distribution.

  • Programmability

    Funds can be more easily integrated with other programmable interfaces to dynamically interface with DeFi protocols with programmable constraints.

Streamline fund operations

Easily construct portfolios that offer exactly the right risk profile and incorporate the unique complexities of markets. From single tranche liquid portfolios to multi-tranche asset-backed offerings, automatically manage loan tape, calculate distribution waterfalls, net-asset-valuations, and asset-performance. All onchain.

Why build onchain?

Save costs and create efficiencies with real-time, accurate access to holdings, fully integrated with the necessary service providers for operating an institutional-grade offering.

  • Reduce yield spreads by 25 bps (BIS)
  • Improve liquidity by 5.3% (HKMA)
  • Save up to 150 bps running the fund

Ready to launch your fund onchain?

  • Centrifuge's fund management platform is available now for funds and asset managers looking to launch tokenized investment products and strategies.