Better technology for financial products.

Centrifuge is the platform for tokenized real-world assets onchain.

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The platform for onchain finance

As the first protocol to bring real-world assets onchain, we’re building a better financial system.

  • Transparency

    Obtain end-to-end transparency as the entire capital structure, securitization, and servicing of debt facilities is brought onchain — multi-tranching, NAV, privacy-first tokenization, securitization, reporting, and more.

  • Lower cost of capital

    A decentralized infrastructure that compresses costs of traditional off-chain securitization and uses open-source services to reduce the intermediary costs and complexity of TradFi

  • Equal & open participation

    Decentralized onchain governance provides equal, open access to all parties in the securitization process — new issuer proposals, underwriting, servicing, and more.

  • DeFi liquidity access

    Leverage the entire capital stack by accessing senior and super senior capital from the leading DeFi stablecoin protocols.

  • Diversification

    Diversify stablecoin and treasury collateral with yield correlated to real-world assets, stabilizing long-term value and protocol health.

  • Security

    A protocol with legal recourse and strong regulatory and compliance requirements — KYC, sanctions screenings, accredited invester checks - as well as robust technical audits.

How it works

  • Issuers


    Finance your real-world assets by accessing affordable DeFi capital without banks or other intermediaries.

  • Institutions & DeFi Protocols


    Gain access to a more diversified and stable junior and senior yield backed by productive assets from the real-world - invoices, real-estate, revenue-based financing, and more.

  • CFG Token Holders


    Become active in protocol governance to help shape the future of Centrifuge through active participation and voting.

Onchain Fund Management

Centrifuge's fund management platform brings the power of onchain finance to asset managers and investment funds. Capture your fund's onchain and offchain portfolio positions, transactions, and operations data — all via one platform.

Don’t just take our word...

  • This integration not only advances DeFi but it also brings many benefits to the MakerDAO ecosystem. By diversifying the collateral backing DAI and adding non-crypto related assets, it increases the DAI safety and makes it extremely stable. This move will also help MakerDAO meet the increasing demand of DAI by tapping in a multi trillion-dollar asset class.

    - Sébastien Derivaux, MakerDAO
  • The RWA Market is a much needed building block not only for protocols such as Aave, but across DeFi as a whole. Knocking down barriers of entry and making DeFi accessible to all is part of the Aave Companies’ vision, and we are excited to be fulfilling this through the collateralization of real-world assets, made possible by Centrifuge.

    - Stani Kulechev, Aave Founder & CEO
  • Blockchain technology has long-held promise to overhaul the plumbing of the world’s financial services. To this end, BlockTower is excited to support the Centrifuge team as they democratize access to and generate efficiencies in the securitization industry; we believe these strategic partnerships are essential to usher in the future of finance.

    - Matthew Goetz, BlockTower Capital Advisors CEO
  • Bringing real-world assets to blockchain has been a long-term dream of ours. Centrifuge has built a great product and we are happy to partner with one of the best teams in the space.

    - Kirill Bensonoff, New Silver Managing Director

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