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Centrifuge is open source software. You can find all of our code on

We want the community to build on our code: use it, fork it, imagine new use cases, suggest improvements.  

We welcome all contributions!

Bounty hunting

Bounties play an important part in our commitment to spread awareness about Centrifuge and engage our community. We fund bounties for contributions that are in line with our mission. These are bounties for our own open source projects as well as others. We encourage you to take a look at our bounties on GitCoin!


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Code of Conduct

Creating a new system for the global financial supply chain is only possible through the collaboration of a global ecosystem and community of companies, groups, organizations, and individuals. We want to come together to exchange ideas and build Centrifuge as an inclusive, welcoming, and safe community of collaborators, operators, investors, and users. Harmful or discriminating behavior by anyone will not be tolerated.

Community members should be judged by their actions, not criteria such as age, race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, physical appearance, religion (or lack thereof), degrees, geographic location, or position.

We will not tolerate any discriminating behaviour and will keep our platforms free from policy violations, either deleting the content or hiding it from view.

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