Protocol Technology

The Centrifuge Operating System is a decentralized platform to support a new generation of applications for the financial supply chain.

The key components of our protocol are:

  • A scalable, secure, and privacy-preserving peer-to-peer protocol for the exchange of financial documents

  • Publicly verifiable proofs of document authenticity, anchored on Ethereum

  • The ability to mint standardized tokens on Ethereum, representing financial documents and agreements exchanged on the peer-to-peer protocol between the trading parties

  • Identities of Centrifuge users, stored and publicly verifiable on Ethereum


Public blockchains, peer-to-peer technology and decentralization are dear to our hearts. We are not a permissioned blockchain and strongly adhere to the idea of open network participation and the breaking down of data silos.

Non-Fungible Tokens

A Non-Fungible Token is an on-chain representation of a unique asset. The Centrifuge protocol allows businesses to tokenize invoices by “minting” an NFT. Tokenizing an asset (e.g. an invoice) is the act of creating a unique, tradeable, trackable representation. We are adhering to the commonly used ERC-721 standard which opens a broad ecosystem of wallets, exchanges and other third party applications to handle these tokens.

P2P Network

Centrifuge users exchange documents on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network - a decentralized computer network. Peer-to-peer networking is an approach to computer networking in which all computers share equivalent responsibility for processing data. Participants are connected to each other and can directly share files between systems on the network without the need of an intermediary.

Technical Papers

Whitepaper - updated version pending

Protocol Paper

NFT Paper


Centrifuge OS is Beta technology and in active development. Use at your own risk.

Released Cent Node

Ethereum Smart Contract Addresses

Now that you have downloaded, head here to get started

Open Source

We are strong believers in non-proprietary software and advocate treating our digital infrastructure as a commons, available for everyone to use and build on. We believe the best software is built in the open. Feel free to explore our code on Github.