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Grow Polkadot DeFi by 100x with CentrifugeCentrifuge is the real-world asset bridge bringing trillions in hard assets to the Polkadot ecosystem
We are already live!Centrifuge has already financed thousands of assetsCentrifuge is a working product that has already financed over $30M in real-world assets on Ethereum. Once connected to Polkadot, fees will be cheaper and transactions will be faster.
About the Centrifuge CrowdloanCentrifuge is built on Substrate, meaning it can connect to Polkadot as a parachain. By doing so, Centrifuge can communicate with all the other DeFi protocols connected to the Polkadot ecosystem.This will open up Centrifuge to both the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems, positioning Centrifuge as the #1 real-world asset protocol in the crypto multiverse. We need DOT holders to stake their DOT to our crowdloan slot auction. Doing so will lock your DOT to our 2 year lease, which you will get back when the lease it up. In the meanwhile, you will reap various CFG rewards in return for staking your DOT and believing in Centrifuge.

Bonus rewards!

Just like the Altair crowdloan, Centrifuge’s slot auction will be packed with rewards for staking DOT to our crowdloan.

Lease time: 2 years

We are applying for the maximum lease time to commit to a long term relationship with Polkadot. Our product will be ready to launch quickly after auction.

Benefitting the entire Polkadot community

The vision for Centrifuge on Polkadot has been clear since day one. We’ve been contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem, including ChaChaCha
Use cases we are excited for
From aHouse to aUSDOnce Centrifuge moves onto Polkadot, pools can be financed using Acala’s aUSD stablecoin. Through Centrifuge, you’ll be able to mint new aUSD that can be used in the PolkaDeFi world, from a house (or any other asset) you’ve collateralized and financed on Centrifuge.
Dapp integrations like Sushi on MoonbeamThe most exciting dapps on Ethereum are going to be building on Moonbeam - making it easy for the Centrifuge parachain to tap into new sources of DeFi liquidity! Imagine Sushi, Aave, and more... Moonbeam gives them the tools to get spun up into the Polkadot ecosystem quickly, making it easier than ever for Centrifuge users to access financing.
The Polkadefi bridge to EthereumCentrifuge is already bridged to Ethereum, meaning users can already access the largest DeFi ecosystem. Once connected to Polkadot, Centrifuge will bridge liquidity between chains. Increased interoperability means we can grow DeFi liquidity across the entire blockchain multiverse.
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🛠  built on Substrate
 powered by Ethereum
🔗  bridged with Polkadot
We are the bridge that brings trillions from the real world to DeFi.About Centrifuge