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Centrifuge is a fully compliant bridge to
the billions of dollars locked in crypto.
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Real Estate Bridge Loans, Payment Advances, Emerging Market Consumer Loans, Trade Receivables, Revenue Based Financing, Cargo & Freight Forwarding Invoices, Branded Inventory Financing, Music Streaming Invoices, Embedded Supply Chain Financing
The liquidity provider for real-world assets
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No gatekeeping from institutions or countries. This makes rates highly competitive
Access capital at any point in, whether starting out or looking to scale
Diversify your funding portfolio with DeFi. Make your business resilient, appealing long-term to the market, and on the front edge of tech
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Why Centrifuge?
Composable with the largest DeFi Market Makers
We make the first moves
Centrifuge has made many firsts in DeFi, including the first loan drawn by a DeFi protocol
KYC/AML Compliant
Centrifuge is actively working alongside traditional finance institutions to integrate DeFi and CeFi