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Welcome! ­čĹő If you're excited about working with or building on Centrifuge, this is the right place for you. Below, we describe the core functionality of the protocol and provide interesting use cases to explore.

What functionality does the protocol provide?

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Connect to your customers and suppliers in a direct way. Map your relationships and keep track of transaction history.



Establish an identity and reputation to build a framework for trust, dispute resolution and risk management.

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Create and exchange financial business documents such as purchase orders and invoices.

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Transaction data is anchored on Ethereum to enable companies to timestamp their actions and operate on a single source of truth.

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Create NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a unique on-chain representation of the asset to be able to assign ownership and trade.



Use the NFT as collateral in finance agreements. Access decentralised trade finance using your business NFT as collateral.

What can I build with Centrifuge

Centrifuge is a protocol for business to business applications. It allows data sharing, where the owner of the information - the company - maintains the power to decide which applications and parties can use their information and for what purpose.

Are you a developer with a great idea? A fintech or De-Fi project? Start building powerful (d)Apps on Centrifuge. If you're searching for ideas to explore, look no further.

See our Usecases

Decentralised Funding Marketplace

A platform where businesses, small and large, can be matched with funders, allowing efficient and transparent funding for growth and operations.

Invoice Financing

Eliminate barriers of entry for businesses to optimize their cashflow by using the Centrifuge business NFT to access decentralized financing.


Centrifuge allows users to build an on-chain verifiable reputation for any type of business. This can be utilized for anything from risk assessment to credit scoring.


Know Your Customer

Use the Identities on Ethereum to build a reusable KYC and facilitate usage across the entire DeFi ecosystem.


Authenticate business documents and allow businesses to operate on a single source of truth and beyond.

Trade Credit Insurance

Increase liquidity for decentralized lending and safeguard business NFTs against default.

Connect to the Centrifuge network

To connect to the Centrifuge network simply install and run a Centrifuge Node yourself by following these steps

The Centrifuge team also offers hosted Centrifuge Nodes for early supporters and partners. If you are interested in a hosted Centrifuge Node, please reach out to us at

Read the developer documentation

Download the latest Centrifuge Node and find the Ethereum contract addresses

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How can I contribute to Centrifuge OS?

If you would like to contribute to Centrifuge OS, start by visiting the following pages

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