Your Decentralized Line of Credit

At any given moment, $30 Trillion is locked up in invoices and other non liquid assets. Asset Originators are businesses that help companies and individuals access this liquidity.

Together with DeFi, Centrifuge helps make these illiquid assets accessible.

Tokenize your assets on the Centrifuge Chain
Pool assets in Tinlake, our asset-backed lending protocol
Borrow money with DeFi
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User Stories

“By pricing the streaming data and connecting that to programmatic banking solutions like decentralized finance technology, we can build financial products that get money faster to creators at a fraction of the cost of traditional finance.”

Daniel Dewar, Co-Founder of Paperchain

“DeFi is especially important in moments of emergency: disaster relief shipments need quick and reliable processing. Tinlake would allow us to increase operational efficiencies and decrease the operational cost on this future shipment.”

Alejandro Gutierrez, Co-Founder of ConsolFreight

“Our customer HappyFresh operates in major markets in South East Asia. To cater to increased demand, they need to have access to new liquidity markets fast. Combining our frictionless payments with Centrifuge Tinlake seemed like the logical step to access liquidity in DeFi.”

HongZhuang Lim, CEO of ShuttleOne

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