Centrifuge Ecosystem

Whether you are an SME or a large corporate, Centrifuge OS provides a digital identity, immutable and auditable data ownership, and the opportunity for business document creation and transfer. These interactions form a Global Business Graph that will enable a wide spectrum of services to increase the quality of interactions within the financial supply chain, from trading insurance to unlocking working capital and improving operations.

For Corporations

Centrifuge OS offers a single, verifiable source of truth, that provides mutually agreed on manifestations of business relationships and associated transactions. Centrifuge allows access to trade finance through decentralized funding platforms and the creation of unstoppable business documents. We are savvy about corporates, understand their trade flows and financing needs, and help them improve how they connect and interact with their suppliers and partners.

For Partners

Our partners build technology and software that provide innovative services, whether in supply chain transparency, future-proof document trails, or lending and financing products. Do you have a product for the financial supply chain? Let’s grow and create synergies in the ecosystem together.

DApps* & Services

Building a financial application on Ethereum? We can connect you with our network of B2B clients. If you would like to build on top of the Centrifuge protocol, get in touch.

* Decentralized Applications

Use Cases

Use-cases are already being built on top of the Centrifuge protocol. Discover how Centrifuge helps businesses in different ways

Supplier Financing

Did you know, that on average companies wait for 59 days to get paid? At any given time, about 15 trillion dollars are locked in unpaid invoices.

For over 20 years, the Centrifuge team has dedicated their minds to unlocking working capital. Supply chain financing allows companies to finance slow-paying accounts receivables, and the decentralized finance landscape is a perfect place to both borrow and lend.

Deep Tier Financing

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets face a trillion-dollar financing gap. Although banks in some markets are starting to move into SME lending, there still remain segments that are totally underserved. Deep tier financing offers a way to transfer the easy access to liquidity of large corporations down to their suppliers, bridging often lengthy payment terms with affordable cash

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Financial Business Documents

Capturing a document as a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) opens up a whole new set of possibilities for interacting with and processing documents. The history of the document and the document itself is immediately available and immutable, and the friction currently associated with the assigning and trading of documents is greatly reduced

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