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What is Altair?
Altair is one of the fastest spinning stars in the galaxy, and is also the bridge from Centrifuge to Kusama. You will now be able to tokenize real-world assets and finance them on the Kusama network.
Tinlake Live
on Ethereum
Tinlake Live
on Kusama
Tinlake Live
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Pushing the Limits on Kusama
The home for tokenizing experimental assets
Altair combines the industry-leading infrastructure built by Centrifuge to finance real-world assets (RWA) on Centrifuge Chain, with the newest experimental features — before they go live on Centrifuge Chain. Even once Centrifuge is fully live on Polkadot, Kusama will be used for minting art NFTs, financing undiscovered assets, and whatever else the Kusama community brings to the table.
AIR: The Altair Network TokenThe AIR token powers Altair with the utility to:
Govern Altair Development
Pay for transaction fees
Secure the chain
Reward adoption
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KSM Reward:400 AIR : 1 KSM
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