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Asset Originators can collateralize invoices, royalties, and other real-world assets for untapped liquidity in DeFi.

That means your money and collateral passing through fewer hands. An end-to-end solution, powered by our RAD token.

We are a team of innovators from both traditional Fintech and DeFi. Together, we find the best way to connect both worlds.

The Open Protocol to Access Decentralized Finance

We see a future of open finance, where businesses use decentralized currencies to make our world spin. The Centrifuge protocol is open source and built to plug your business to Web 3.

DeFi is a grassroots financial movement, powered by the community.

The DeFi community is different from anything the financial world has seen before. Token holders have a voice and a vote on the direction of the protocol. All of our protocols are interdependent on one another, making it a financial system powered by community.

We are proud to take part in the larger DeFi ecosystem, one that demands the financial world to revisit its purpose in the first place: to circulate and distribute money in a fair and trustless way.

Building a fair financial system with: